The truth about the least assuming state

Cool conspiracy theories.

I made the image.

I made the image.

Chris Jasso, Writer

Here is another conspiracy theory that is out there.

You may have heard of Wyoming, the only state with no natural borders. But have you ever spoken to someone who said they were born in Wyoming? And even if you have, did they have any proof that they were actually born there? If you see the truth, you would know that Wyoming is not real, and is a cover up for alien secrets hidden by the government. If you want to know the truth then continue reading, and you will be enlightened about the big Wyoming secret. 

The area that is said to be “Wyoming” is secretly just a big pit that leads to the core of the Earth. This pit was made by aliens millions of years ago. The pit was created so that aliens could extract resources from the core of the Earth for whatever nefarious purposes they have. The government has just been secretly hiding the truth from the public so they wouldn’t start an uprising against the aliens.

You may be wondering, “How could the government hide such a big area from the millions of people in America?” They hid the pit by using large metal coils underground 100 miles surrounding “Wyoming.” If anyone entered this area, they would instantly pass out and not realize it. Using the technology made by the aliens, whenever you passed out you didn’t realize that you did and you just dreamt that you entered “Wyoming ” when in reality you are just passed out in your vehicle or on the floor. Whenever you imagine you leave the 100 mile radius around “Wyoming” you are teleported to the exit that you are at. If you step back into the radius you pass out again and the cycle repeats. If an airborne vehicle goes above “Wyoming”, there is a machine that creates an illusion that covers over the hole.