A closer look at the 2021 XC stars

She’s a runner she’s a track star


Photo taken by:Nadia Carrillo

Nadia Carrillo, Writer

As the cross country season comes to an end I had the opportunity to interview Izic Miller (fastest boy on the team) and Lilah Albano (fastest girl on the team). They both competed in sectionals Saturday, October 9th. Lilah finished at 14:10 and Izic finished at 11:57. Lilah was hoping to get top ten and placed 10th, while Izic was hoping to get first and placed 1st. These times and places were great considering that Lilah’s fastest mile is 6:30 and fastest two miles is 12:46. Izic’s fastest mile time is 5:09 and fastest two mile is 11:02. They will also be competing in state on  Saturday, October 16 along with the rest of the boys’ team for the first time in six years.  Instead of just focusing on how fast they run let’s get to know a little bit more about them. 

First let’s talk a little bit about Lilah. Lilah is eleven years old and a 6th grader here at CSMS. She also has an older sister that goes here too. She enjoys hanging out with friends and even though Lilah is a great runner, being with her friends is her favorite part of practice. Lilah’s favorite school subject is writing and her favorite food is a ham and cheese omelette. Besides cross country Lilah also plays soccer.

Now let’s talk about Izic. He is one year older than Lilah and is a 7th grader here at CSMS. He also has a sister that goes to MHS. Just like Lilah, Izic’s favorite part of cross country practice is being with his friends. Izic’s favorite school subject is math and his favorite food is steak. Izic does not only run cross country he also runs track.