Current “Bear Down” Quarterbacks

Chicago Bears Quarterbacks

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Image from: foles&psig=AOvVaw3b38Cp0FDArAUjBAtqMlu8&ust=1634229208575000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjRxqFwoTCOCHh8Pox_MCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD

Dylan Valeroso, Writer

  Quarterbacks for the Chicago Bears have changed a lot over time. In total the Bears have drafted 31 quarterbacks since the 1966 season. That’s a lot of changes! As of today October  15, 2021,  the Bears have 3 quarterbacks. In my opinion, these QB’s are pretty average and mediocre, meaning that they aren’t the best. 

The first quarterback that the Bears have is Andy Dalton. He was their starting quarterback but he got injured in week 2 of this season. I think we didn’t really need Dalton and the Bears could’ve spent their money on someone else. For me Andy Dalton has never been great. Even when he was with the Bengals, he was always average. Lucky the Bears only signed him for one year so we could get someone else next year.

The second quarterback that the Bears have is Nick Foles. Some people think he is great because he is a Super Bowl quarterback. For me, whether or not you were in the Super Bowl,  the way you play now is what matters. I feel like Foles is no longer in his prime and isn’t playing well. Last season he had one good game against the Falcons when he saved the game, then he went right into the guter after that. This year he is a third string quarterback who is collecting 8 million dollars a year and I think the Bears once again wasted their money on an average quarterback.

And then there is Justin Fields. Right Now I can’t really judge him since I only saw him play twice. Fields is an Ohio State quarterback and he was an 11th overall draft pick. The first game I saw him play was against the Browns and he got sacked 9 times! I don’t feel like this was his fault but the offensive lines. The second game he played was against the Lions and he played amazing. He was dropping dimes all over the field. He can also run unlike Foles or Dalton. In my opinion, Justin Fields is average but he is young which means he can improve. I think Justin Fields is the quarterback with the most potential and he should be the starting quarterback.