The 1998 Porsche 911

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Joshua Rodriguez, Writer

The battle between who has made a better car has been going on for years. Ford and chevy. Nissan and Toyota. Honda and GMC. But two car companies that have a big fight in them are BMW and Porsche.  And they have a big battle.

As you know Porsche has the 911 series and the Macan and electric cayman. But don’t forget that BMW has the M2, M3  BMW M5 E39.  BMW 3.0 CSL E9  BMW M5 E28. But for now we are going to just focus on the Porsche 911 gt 3 and the BMW M

In terms of who wins we are going to be finding out who has the higher speed, better, horse power, torque, and engine. As for the Porsche 911 gt 3 it has 502 astonishing horsepower with the BMW M2 fighting with 405 horsepower so in the battle of horsepower. Porsche 1 BMW 0. Now in terms of speed. With the 4.0 liter 6 cylinder engine for the Porsche it can reach speeds of 197 MPH without being tuned and in BMW corner the M2’s engine 3.0 6 cylinder can produce 155 MPH without being tuned Porsche 2 BMW 0

Now in torque. For people who don’t know what torque is, how hard the engine’s rotational force is exerted. With the Porsche 911 gt 3 can produce an astonishing 346 Pounds per square foot but the BMW M2 can make an incredible 406 pounds per square foot. So finally BMW has caught a break with the scoreboard holding Porsche 2 BMW 1.