Carl Sandburg boys Cross Country team goes to State for the first time in 5 years

She’s a runner she’s a track star

photo creds: Mrs. Rafalowitz

photo creds: Mrs. Rafalowitz

Nadia Carrillo, Writer

For the first time in five years the Carl Sandburg Middle School boys Cross Country team made it to State as a team and, for the first time ever won a class 3A Sectional. Lilah Albano also qualified for State as an individual after placing 10th at Sectionals. State was held on Saturday, October 16th where Izic Miller, Kellen Greenfield, Andrew Weaver, Aidan Sweet, Erick Cordova, Will Passolt, and Nathaniel Mendez ran as a team. Overall they placed 26th in the boys Class 3A race with an average of 12:40 for their time. Lilah placed 197 in the girls class 3A race with a time of 14:22. 

In the boys class 3A race Izic was the first to finish. He placed 63rd with a time of 11:57. Shortly after that Kellen finished in 142nd place with a time of 12:26. Eleven seconds later, Andrew finished in 153rd. From what we have seen in previous races I thought Aidan was going to finish next but just three seconds before him Will finished placing 214th. His time was 13:09 which is his new personal best. Right after him Aidan finished in 216th place with 13:12 as his time. Then with a time of 13:23 Erick finished in 220th. Last but not least Nathaniel finished in 232nd place with a time of 14:23. 

As I said before the team placed 26th all together with a score of 591. Even though they didn’t win first place it’s amazing that they were even able to make it to State in the first place. I was able to see the races in person and judging by how the team was laughing and having fun at the end shows that no one was super upset about not winning. A lot of them were actually pretty happy with their results. Hopefully next year the 6th and 7th graders on the team will make it to State again.