Requirements for a Good Cliff Jumper

The Adrenaline of Cliff Jumping

Guy About To Cliff Jump


Guy About To Cliff Jump

Dalton Winters, Writer

Do you like the feeling of immediate adrenalin, because I do! That’s why I cliff jump. Cliff jumping is a sensation from flying to cold relaxing water.

If you are looking to cliff jump then here are a few things to be aware of. If you aren’t fit it can be hard to climb in some places. If you are scared of heights or have anxiety and want to do this I recommend building your way up to cliff jumping.

I think if you have already felt some adrenaline rushes in other places like Rollercoasters that’s good so you have an idea of what an adrenaline rush is, so you can look forward to it. Now you’re ready to go cliff jump have fun!!