The Basics of Soccer

The Most Played Sport

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Evy Molina Alvarez, Writer

Soccer. Soccer is not only people in different teams chasing a ball in different directions on the way that the ball goes. It takes skill, it takes resistance, it takes passion to keep going even in those moments that you feel like you are not making any progress. It’s something that many people can work out to become the best but only a few actually make it. So let’s start with the basics of soccer which are pretty basic.

To begin with there is dribbling and that is when you take the ball and run with it only touching it with your feet. And you are probably thinking that you are going to get tired just running with the ball and that’s true but that’s why there is passing, passing as the name indicates you give the ball to your teammate. It can be a short pass to not let the opponent take the ball prom you or it can be a long pass. A long pass is to not run with the ball a long time or when someone is open and you are trying to get to the opponent’s goal faster.

Another one that is exactly what you do when you get to the goal or close enough is shooting. Shooting is a kick to the ball that is powerful enough to make it go fast in a short time into the goal with a direction for the ball to go. You can aim for a corner to make it harder for the keeper to grab and score a goal or you can see the position of the keeper to shoot it in the area that he is more open to. Those are the basics in the famous sport soccer, in my opinion it is a good sport just like any other sport with rules and skills to play.