In the Field of Soccer

The Most Played Sport

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Evy Molina Alvarez, Writer

The field is where you play where there are boundaries and more rules to the game applied. You can be playing a game with your friends or on a team but it’s not the same thing, you don’t get the same feeling of wanting to win. It can be the fun that you have when you play with your friends or not. It can be the pressure of a game that you like to feel when you plan in a more serious game or even more.

In the field where the game happens there are also positions, positions of the players and how they are supposed to play depending on them. All of the positions are important because it forms a team. There is a goalkeeper who tries his best to block the ball going inside his goal. And in my opinion it’s actually hard to block a ball going inside, sometimes you even have to predict where the ball it’s going.

Then the other 3, there is defense that stops the opponent from getting an easy shot at the goal most of the time. The other one it’s mid field and in the midfield position you have to run a lot because you have to touch the ball and make more passes because it’s where almost all game occurs in the center of the field. And the last one is striker or forward that is the one that tries to score most of the time. 

Oh and I didn’t tell you that there are different positions in the positions, it can be left or right or even 4 on the same position but left or right from each other. It’s fun to learn and play soccer. It’s just all one feeling when you’re in the field.