My past experiences with soccer


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Andrick Fonseca, Writer

The first time I played soccer was when I was 8 yrs old and I joined my dad’s friend’s team and a lot of kids joined and then we practiced since we were a full team. The practice wasn’t that hard and we also had to run a lot and the coach was really strict and it was a woman and she screamed a lot and we also had to stretch to not get a cramp. The funnest part of practice was that we could play against each other and also that I got to make new friends like Enrique and other kids. After practicing soccer we went home and I was really happy that I joined but really tired. Then the next day after school we had practice and we just did the same things we did the day before and after practice we showered and we watched a movie and after that we went to sleep. After a few practices we finally got our jerseys and we got to play a game the next day and we won the first game but I got really tired from running around since I was midfield.

Since I was midfield I had to run a lot to help the defense and the strikers. Also the thing I liked about soccer was that I got to play with my friends and we got to celebrate when we scored and we had a good team because we communicated with each other.  Sometimes I scored or the other team scored and sometimes we got upset because we didn’t do well. Then we played a few other games and we won sometimes or we lost but we never got mad because we got to learn from our mistakes that we made in our game. After the games we could eat since there was food, candy, water, and ice cream. When it was half time we just drank our water and the coach told us to try our best. When we played like ten or more games it was close to the finals but on one of the games I fractured my elbow and I had to wear a cast for like 6 weeks which sucked because we were about to finish the soccer season and after it was the last game. 

I think we lost and we got second place but it wasn’t that bad but I was devastated because I wasn’t able to help my team win some of the games.After that I just stopped playing soccer for like 6 months so I just got a bit mad.