Why soccer is the best sport in my opinion




Andrick Fonseca, Writer

In my opinion soccer is the best sport because you can play with your friends and it’s not really a rough game so you cant get injured that easily. It’s just fun to run and try to score on each other as well as playing a different type of games like see who can hit the crossbar or see who has the ball the longest when your friends are trying to take it away from you. I also think that soccer is the best sport because it’s really easy to learn I think it’s the best sport because it’s good for cardio since you run a lot and there are also some good soccer teams like PSG and Manchester United.

I think that you can have a lot of fun playing with your friends since you can do some cool tricks like the rainbow kick and you can bring all of your friends to play a game and 2 people can be captain and they can pick some player. I also think it’s the best sport since it’s very competitive and it’s such a popular sport around the world, it’s the world’s most played sport, and you don’t need much equipment to play it. You can also play anywhere you want and it’s a very athletic sport and you learn from mistakes and get better . If you train as hard as you can and never give up. They might recruit you to their team and it’s a really good way to spend free time.

It’s the best sport because you can communicate more with people and you can build better teamwork. It’s the best sport because you pick any position which is defense, striker, midfielder, or goalie and you can pick any position. And it can be your career to be a professional soccer player because you get the chance to play against some of the best teams and you get paid a lot of money and you can get good deals with teams or shoe making companies.