Hockey Skates

Is Bauer Scamming You?

Conor Forst, Writer

Currently, I have the Bauer Vapor 2.9 skates. I really like them because they are lightweight and comfortable. I have had CCM skates in the past but they weren’t very comfortable and hurt my feet.

One time I bought Bauer skates off of their website instead of in store and when I went to get them sharpened the guy working there told me that the blade on my right skate was slightly bent about 2 millimeters, upon looking closer we figured out he was right, resulting in us having to buy new blades. I don’t know how this happened because they were very high quality, but regardless, I wouldn’t get skates off of their website.

CCM skates are a little heavier but offer more protection than the Bauer skates with their hard shell. They would be better for a big defensemen who blocks a lot of shots.

The Bauer skates don’t offer as much protection because they have a little bit of a softer shell, but are lightweight and better for a faster, smaller player like me.

Both brands will cost you about the same, anywhere from $200-$1000, good skates to top of the line skates. CCM skates come with weak blades, they are known for breaking easily so if you get CCM blades the people at the store most of the time advise you to get new blades costing you even more money. I personally am very happy with my Bauer skates and I think Bauer wins this debate.