Spotted dog dalmatian

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Nicole Pasquier, Writer

What dog best fits you? What kind of dog do you want? If you like smart, active, playful dogs that are very gentle and nice with kids, the type of dog you will most likely get is a Dalmatian. They are very protective with their family, but they are very social with other people. If you want a patient dog as well, Dalmatians are your type of dog to get. If you want a long lasting lifespan dog, you will love Dalmatians as well because they live  up to 13-14 years.

Some amazing things about Dalmatians is that their spots are like your fingerprints or snow flakes. No other Dalmatian will have the same spots as your Dalmatian. Another unique thing about Dalmatians is that they help calm down horses if they are panicked. They can also alert you if danger is nearby.