My top 3 favorite sports to play

Lauren Kralj, Writer

So I already started with my top three favorite sports to watch, but now it’s time for my top three favorite sports to play starting with number 3. At number 3 I honestly don’t know what to put. I guess if I had to choose I would say basketball. I really liked basketball back in 6th grade but I’ve been slowly losing interest in it. But I still think it’s pretty fun to play.

At number 2 I would put flag football. It was hard to decide if I should put this at number 1 or number 2. I put it at number two though because the only time I play flag football is at school and almost every single year I never get any good players on my team. ( I mean, no offense to any of my former flag football teams by the way.) So because of that flag football isn’t as enjoyable as my number 1 choice.  

At number 1 I would have to say volleyball. I really enjoy playing volleyball, especially at school. I always look forward to the volleyball tournament we have at school every year. Another reason why I put volleyball at number one is because I also really only play volleyball at school and we seem to have WAY more good volleyball players than flag football players.