The top 5 teams in the NFL based on stats players and playoffs and why they are so good.

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Elijah Mendoza, Writer

 In the NFL there are 32 teams. Out of those teams, only 14 teams make the playoffs. Out of that, only one team wins the Super Bowl. With that being said, today we will be going over the top 5 teams in the NFL right now. 

Number 5: 49ers

Although the 49ers were one of the worst teams coming into the playoffs this year, with questions surrounding their QB Jimmy Garoppolo as he had not been great. However, the 49ers fought through with their number 9 ranked defense, and made it all the way to the NFC championship and then lost to the Rams. Despite all of that, they are ranked number 5. 

Number 4: Bills

The Bills came into the season looking good with Josh Allen coming off his best year, and Stefon Diggs being one of the best WR in the NFL. They looked good and they made it into the playoffs, as one of the best teams, and made it to the Divisional round.  Unfortunately, they still lost to the Chiefs after an offensive shootout.

Number 3: Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs came into the 2021 NFL season looking good. They came off a disappointing loss to the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl, but in the offseason they fixed their offensive line problems by signing a bunch of offensive lineman. So they were looking good, but they ended up losing to the Bengals in the NFC championship a surprising loss. Nevertheless, they are still one of the best teams in the NFL.

Number 2: Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are the most surprising team on this list. The Bengals came into the 2021 NFL season as a team who probably won’t make the playoffs. They had uncertainty with their O-line, as they had one of the worst Offensive Lines in the league. With a doubted Ja’marr Chase after a bad preseason, despite that the Bengals blew past all suppositions, and made the playoffs going way farther than expected. They made it all the way to the Super Bowl, with Ja’marr Chase and Joe Burrow leading the way they will face the Rams.

Number 1: Los Angeles Rams 

This offseason the Rams came into the season looking good. They came in with there new QB Matthew Stafford after trading Jared Goff to the Lions. They also got Von Miller to pair him, with Aaron Donald, and Jalen Ramsey and made it to the Super Bowl. That’s why there is no doubt that the Rams are the best team in the league.