Why Football Is The Best Sport To Play

Drew Berek, Writer

Football is the best sport to play. I know this because it is one of the most top rated sports in sports history.  It is a very fun sport to play and if you really like close contact and hitting people, football is the sport for you. Football could improve your speed, strength, agility, stamina, hand eye coordination, and endurance. Football also had 17.1 million viewers world wide, and 265 million people have also played football world wide.

Football is the most watched sport in the United States. The reason is because the Super Bowl is one of the most popular championships in the world. We also have the Pro bowl, fantasy football, drafts, and tailgating. There are many talented athletes in the NFL and some that are not in the NFL that could be drafted. Finally there is a ton of excitement in every game from every fan base, from the regular season to the Super Bowl.