Why do heroes always win?

Winning mentality


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Brandon Reyes, Writer

In order to be a Winner, whether that be in sports, academic competitions or any competition, it all starts with the mentality you have. The heroic winner isn’t the winner who is filled with hatred from those who doubted him, it is the person who wants to win for others and not just themselves. This type of person is usually on a mission to make someone proud.

The psychological side of this is that some people feel the need to be a hero for others, and what better way to be a hero than to be a winner. People with this mindset are natural born leaders as the will to win makes them this way since birth. Look at almost any leader of any team and you will see that most of them have this type of mindset.

This is probably one of the best mindsets to have as these people have a mission to complete and they will do everything they can to finish it. This is why they take on the role of leaders.