The top 5 players in the NFL under the age of 24 and why they are so good.

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Elijah Mendoza, Writer

In the NFL there are lots of talented players in every position, though there are a select few that are considered the “Best”. So today we will be going over the top 5 best players in the NFL under the age of 25.

 5. Jaire Alexander CB Green Bay Packers 

Jaire Alexander at the age of 24 has already proved to be one of the best CBs in the NFL. He plays very good defense in man and zone, and defenses definitely are forced to make a game plan to avoid him. 

4.Justin Jefferson WR Minnesota Vikings 

In just his second year at the age of 22, Justin Jefferson has done great to be one of the best WRs in the NFL at such a young age. He had 1,616 yards and 10 touchdowns, very impressive for such a young player.

 3.Fred Warner MLB 49ers 

At just the age of 24, Fred Warner put up some of the best stats and has been one of the best MLB in the league. Warner is a very good tackler, and is also good in coverage. This is why I am putting him at number 3.

2.Jonathan Taylor RB Indianapolis Colts

At the age of 22, Jonathan Taylor came into the league looking good. He was the sure number 1 running back on his team, and did great. He notched 1,811 yards and 18 td proving that this year he is one of the best RBs in the league.

1.Justin Herbert QB Chargers

Although I could probably put multiple QBs in here, like Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson, they both unfortunately have gotten injured. Justin Herbert this year was the best QB out of the QBS under the age of 25, as he had 5,014 yards, 38 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions. With these phenomenal stats, he is the best player under the age of 25 this season.