Worst to best because of 3 players?????

Worst to best because of 3 players?????

Trevor Carman, Writer

The Bengals are without a doubt are the best team in the NFL this year no questions asked and lots of people may doubt that saying they only went 10-7. Well for the last 3 years they have gone 12-35-1 that’s an awful record, and they haven’t been good since 2015, but in 2021 it all changed. Back in 2020 the Bengals drafted a star quarterback from LSU, Joe Burrow. everyone thought This would change the Bengals and he did until week 11 when Burrow played Washington and in the 3rd quarter tore his acl ending the whole Bengals season.

But in 2021 he came back for revenge he was ready to show the world what he was made for. In the 2021 draft Bengals drafted star WR at LSU Jamarr Chase and star RB at Oklahoma Joe Mixon and the Bengals were ready. They ended up barley making playoffs with the record being 10-7, but in the wild card round the ended up beating the Raiders 26-19. Then played the number 1 seed the Tennessee Titans and ended up pulling one of the biggest upsets winning 19-16. Then it was the AFC championship against the Chiefs, one of the best teams in football.

It was an awful start while being down 21-3 but right before half then got a TD they were still down but only by 11 now and then it was comeback time by the end of the game it was 24-21 Bengals winning with 3 second left the Chiefs kick a field goal tying the game making it 24-24 sending it to overtime. In overtime the Bengals lose coin toss, but get an interception and end up kicking a field goal to win the game, sending them to the Super Bowl.

So my case could be settled on February 13th at around 9 pm seeing who the Super Bowl champ is. But after this the Bengals get upset very late in the 4th quarter, barley losing to the Rams. This come back season was insane and the Bengals will be bigger and better next year.