The Only Right Top Ten Quarterback List


Mazin Hussain, Writer

Write your post here: The NFL is one of the biggest sports in the world and one of the most popular positions is the Quarterback. Some people say  Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback, some say Aaron Rodgers is the best, some stick with old reliable Tom Brady. But I am going to rank the top 10 quarterbacks

10.Russell Wilson 

Russell Wilson had a ok season after suffering a finger injury and having a very bad offensive line has dropped down on the rankings but will go up after being traded to the Broncos with a better offensive line

9.Matthew Stafford

After leading his team to a Super Bowl he had a great year with the Rams but I don’t think he will have a better year than last year but still a great quarterback

8.Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray has a lot of potential is being a great quarterback but I think Lamar Jackson does everything he does but better but he has great potential with the Cardinals

7.Dak Prescott

Dak had a great year for the cowboys and I think he can definitely repeat the year he had and can make a good playoff run with the Cowboys

6.Lamar jackson 

Even though Lamar was injured the basically the whole year I think he will have a great year anyway with his great speed and great arm

5.Joe Burrow 

Joe Burrow shocked the world with making it to the super bowl and him a Ja’Maar Chase being one of the best duos in the league and he will definitely have a amazing year next year

4.Justin Herbert

Herbert and the Chargers I think can make a deep playoff run next year and Herbert having one of the best deep balls in the NFL will have a great year

3.Josh Allen

Josh Allen with the best arm in the NFL and being fast is the perfect QB to have on your roster and I think could be the best QB in the league soon

2.Patrick Mahomes 

The most talented QB in the league will have another great year but there is one QB who I believe to be better

1.Aaron Rodgers 

The back to back MVP has been dominating the NFL for years and has always been a fantastic QB and I believe to be the best QB in the NFL