Why the Bengals Are the Most Underrated Team in the NFL



Kevin Diaz, Writer

I think that the Cincinnati Bengals are an underrated team because they went 10-7 and still went to the Super Bowl. The Bengals didn’t need a super team full of superstars to beat the Kansas City Chiefs  and the Tennessee Titans in the playoffs. Their last Super Bowl appearance was in 1988, that was 34 years ago against the San Francisco 49ers. They ended their playoff drought in the 2022 playoff vs the Las Vegas Raiders which they ended up winning. 

The last 3 seasons the Bengals finished last in their division. They drafted Joe Burrow, but he got injured in his rookie season by hurting his right knee and tore his ACL. In 2021 the Bengals got Ja’Marr Chase, a player that played with Joe Burrow when they were in LSU. The Bengals had Joe Mixon that was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2021 and had a big season in 2021 and in the Super Bowl  the Bengals had Trey Hendrickson from the Saints he was a top 5 player that had the most sacks in the 2021 season.

They will have a good future in the NFL when the key players they have. I think they can be Super Bowl champions in the future if they can draft a good player that can have a big impact on the team then they can make another super bowl run.