Volleyball at home (Awesome Tips) 100% Guaranteed! Not CLICKBAIT!


Andrew Jimenez, Writer

Volleyball has always been one of my favorite sports. But sometimes you don’t have a place to practice, or sometimes you don’t even have people to practice with. So here are some ways to practice volleyball at home.

1.The first way to practice volleyball at home is pretty simple. All you need is a wall and a volleyball. Make sure you’re not near any windows. Throw the ball against the wall and just keep passing with the wall. Try to have the ball bounce back at you so you can keep going. See how long you can pass with yourself.

2.For this one you’re going to need to find a hoola hoop, or a trash can. Or anything you can use as a small target.  Place the target about 10-15 ft from yourself. There are technically 3 ways to do this one. You can either A. throw the ball up and pass it into your target. B. Throw the ball to a wall and let it bounce off, then pass the ball towards your target. The last way C. you can find a buddy and have them toss a ball at you (Either fast or slow. Practice at your own pace.) Then you can pass towards your target.

3.This one is the most simple but very effective. All you have to do is throw the ball into the air above you and pass to yourself and see how long you can go for. If you want you can also try setting it to yourself. And that’s some ways you can practice volleyball at home.