The best of the best college basketball teams


Jordan Baker, Writer

When I first watched the first few games. they did not go as I thought they would. I got my predictions all wrong. Some of the teams I thought would advance did. But most of the teams did not. 

In the east, Duke, Notre Dame, Texas Tech, Michigan St., Gonzaga, Memphis, New Mexico, and Arkansas won their games. The teams I predicted would win were Duke, Texas’s Tech, Michigan St., Gonzaga, Memphis, UConn, Arkansas. Most of them won but some lost. 

I was super excited when most of the teams I wanted to win in the east did win. But I was super surprised that most of them lost to teams who I didn’t think were as good as the teams I wanted to win. For example, I was surprised when Gonzaga lost to Arkansas. The final score of the Gonzaga and Arkansas game was 74 to 68, Arkansas winning.