Top 5 Receivers for Next Year


Mazin Hussain, Writer

Receivers are one of the most popular positions in football and the people who score most of the touchdowns but have you ever wondered what the top 5 receivers are? Today I’ll answer the question who will be the best 5 receivers next year.

5. Deebo Samuel

Deebo Samuel is probably the best 2 way player in the NFL which puts him on this list for being an amazing receiver and a fantastic run after catch player

4. Ja’Marr chase 

Ja’Marr Chase had one of the best rookie receiver years in NFL history and he will only get better with time and same with his star quarterback Joe Burrow getting better with time they will be a deadly duo

3. Justin Jefferson 

The young superstar receiver will have an amazing year next year with the Vikings even though he doesn’t have the best quarterback throwing the ball he managed to have an amazing year

2.Davante Adams

For a while Davante has been named the best receiver in the NFL, but after leaving the Packers I believe there is a better receiver in the NFL

1.Cooper Kupp

After being the Super Bowl MVP he will have the same type of year with Stafford having one of the best dips balls in the NFL I believe he will be fantastic next year