Make it on your Volleyball team (Awesome Tips) 100%Guaranteed!!! NOT Clickbait!!!! ASMR!!!


Andrew Jimenez, Writer

Before you can practice on a volleyball team you’re going to need to do a tryout. Unless you play recreational volleyball. But sometimes tryouts can seem hard, and scary. But I’ve got some tips to help you.

First you need some confidence. If you have doubts about what you’re doing, you’re not going to be playing your very best. 

Next you’re going to need coachability. The coaches are looking for someone who they can teach. When they think you can learn a lot and will listen, you become a great option.

Also you need effort. If you have 100% effort the coaches will see your drive to play the game and win. 

Finally you need to be prepared. When you are missing something, or in the wrong attire you won’t look prepared and they won’t consider you as much.

Hopefully these helped.