A to Z Cheerleading


Kennedy Mayer, Writer

Want ideas where to get the perfect cheer stuff? Read this blog!

I have only been doing cheer for about two years but it’s something I’ve found that I love. I love shopping especially for something I love so when I fell in love with cheer I bought so many clothes mats etc. I found the shops that are good, great and eh. So my blog will be telling you the very best of the best for cheer equipment shoes practice clothes and more.

For shoes you’re gonna want to go to the Elite Cheer shop but don’t get just anyone to get the shoes that almost look like ballet slippers with a dent in the bottom middle for bases if you’re a flier to hold your feet.

Equipment for cheer will consist of mats, wedges, octagon mats and more. You can get this stuff (with good quality) at the following places, the Cheer Shopee, Amazon, and Tumpl Trak. Those are mats to do tricks on  for cheerleading but the stuff for cheerleading will/can include stunt straps, cheer stand, stretching bands, and band assistant which you can find all of that above on amazing or even dicks sporting goods in some cases.

The last kind of group of stuff to buy for cheer is practice clothing. Most coaches will want more workout clothes to wear for practice so you can wear running shorts with a sports bra or tighter top (that won’t come up when you go upside down). I love wearing Nike products, Lululemon, Adidas, and the Cheer Shoppe (in Woodfield mall).  I hope this helps you find better and better quality stuff.

Don’t know how to do a cheer jump? This blog will tell you everything you need to know.

I chose cheerleading for my blog topic and today I will be talking about how to do jumps in cheerleading. I hope you like my blog!!! Ok so this is how you would jump the coach or whoever is in-charge with starting with 4 counts.

 5, 6, 7, 8 at 5 you put your hands together and out then squat and put your hands down. At this point you should look like you’re praying kinda.

At 6 you should stand up and put your hands out and lock elbows keeping your hands still together. This gives momentum to do a larger and cleaner jump. Each count is around ½ a second.

At 7 you’re going to swing your hands out to a T and jump to whatever jump you would be doing. For example a pipe jump you would keep your feet together and bring your hand close to your toes.

And lastly is 8 you land with your feet together in a squat and hands to your side. After 8 is counted, stand up with your feet still together and hands next to your side like a statue.

The other jumps you could do would be toe touch which is just the splits mid air the landing is the same and also right hurdle, left hurdle, middle hurdle and lots more.