Greatest Diesel Engines Of All Time

Antonio Salazar, Writer

Best Engine For Hauling

The best diesel engine for hauling heavy things is the 6-Speed Diesel 6.7 Liter Cumimins 6 Cylinder. This is the best for hauling heavy things because it is the highest rated towing weight.

Another reason for it being the best is because it has 1075 lbs of torque. It’s a very powerful engine. The towing capacity on this engine is 31,000 pounds. It can even tow a motorhome rv. It’s also the best because it has 400 horsepower straight from the factory.

The engine lasts if kept well maintained 350,000 miles. This engine gets 15 miles per gallon. Considering its a truck engine and a diesel engine that is really good.

You can find this engines in the ram 2500’s but really you can find them in any engine because in the truck world it is really common to swap your stock engine for another engine.

 The Fastest Diesel Engine

Scheid Diesel Dragster is the fastest diesel engine. The top speed of the diesel engine is 226 mph. It has a 0-60 mph in 6.31 seconds. This engine gets 15 mpg. It has 2,500 horsepower. It even has to use 2 parachutes to stop if it’s going over 220 mph. It has 3000 lbs of torque. It weighs 2,500 pounds. When it’s driving with boost it has 140 PSI of boost. It is a 6.7 L cummins.

I really like this engine because of its power and acceleration.

This engine since its really fast usually only goes in to cars made for the drag strip but you can put it in anything really.