Uses To Volleyball!

Uses To Volleyball!

Sofia Mora Ramos, Writer

How to serve a volleyball

People find volleyball easy until a coach asks you to see your serve or your turn to serve in a game. It’s really tricky and takes time to get it over the net, not to have the ball go out the court, have your ball short and the other team gets a point, etc.

I personally think that if you have a volleyball with you, to start practicing off of a wall, throw the ball in the air and pin it against the wall. Practicing to “high five” the ball until you feel comfortable trying to have a good grip of the ball. The second step is taking it to a net or something high you can get the ball over to keep practicing with. While getting the ball in the air, trying not to step too close to the court could lead you going over the line calling it out, the ball going way behind you and having a bad serve, your serve being short, etc.

If you still have trouble serving the ball try serving to the ball from a far distance and keep backing up when you start getting far hits that bounce back. When you think you have the strong hand try and take yourself back to the court/net and try serving again. Maybe by starting in the court and backing up when you can make it from a so far/so close distance from the net. If still having trouble try stopping your hand when you hit the ball. It may be the swings that the hand makes to drag the ball down to the floor or making it cause it to be short. Always keep a strong hand, like you’re giving someone a hard high five in the air.

Keep practicing these tactics and you will eventually get the handle of it and have a perfect serve, maybe even having the chance to learn how to jump serve a ball mid air!

How to set a volleyball

Heard you needed help trying to set a ball, even trying out for a setter? I’ll teach you the simple tips on how to give your teammates a good set to have your amazing 3 strikes.

You would want to start by having a  ball and throwing it up, to find the right placement to have for your hands. When you have found the right placement, you would want to push your fingertips onto the ball. Don’t have your whole palm on the ball because it would make the ball go behind you or just above your head. Throw the ball in the air and get under it with both pointer fingers looking at each other, same thing with your thumbs. It will make a type of triangle or diamond shaped with your hands.

Go up to a wall and start pushing the ball with your fingertips having the triangle/diamond shaped in your hand. Pushing against the wall repeatedly to have a type of feeling pushing the ball towards your teammate. When having a good toss and pushing against the wall. Find someone or still play against the wall trying to make a good set that is high and able for someone on the court to hit it over.

Now you’re ready to become a setter for the volleyball team! Hope this helped good luck on the court!