Andres Ramirez Raudales, Writer

The most common types of fish are bluegill, and minnows, grass carp, and black bass. You’re more likely to find bluegill and bass near your local pound or lake. If you’re wondering what type of fish are near your pond or lake I would recommend downloading Fish Brain. It’s an app that tells you the type of fish near you (not sponsored).  The biggest fish caught in fresh water is the sturgeon. It’s about 15-20 feet and weighs a ton. They would’ve had to get a huge pole that could fish that out. Not to mention the line and bait they used for that huge fish. But when  it comes to the deep sea its sharks that weigh over 2000 pounds.  The world’s smallest fish are paedocypris. They are tinier then your fingernail.  

The main thing you need for fishing is a fishing pole otherwise you’re not really fishing you’re just standing there. There’s some places where you can get fishing poles: Dicks, Bass Pro Shop, Walmart, and tackle shops.  The best one is properly  Bass Pro Shop but is also one of the most expensive to buy from but is top quality so yeah its the best.

 There’s different types of fishing poles, one is a bait caster, a push, and a spinning reel and deep sea fishing reel the best one is probably the spinning reel cause it’s the second easiest to use and really good. Deep sea is probably the best pole and way to catch good fish. Push is mainly for newbies cause you just push and then cast. A bait caster is the most complicated to use but effective for casting. But be careful which one you get cause it could range up to thousands but that’s like for huge ones like up to 20 feet or more and they get heavier the bigger.