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Kellen Greenfield, Writer

 College Basketball’s best conference

College Basketball is coming up and there are some really talented players in the sport. There are a lot of new stars coming into the sport and also, a lot of good players made big moves and transferred to other schools. One of the best conferences is the Big Ten, and they had a lot of new players and coaches in the conference. I am going to rank the top 5 teams in the Big Ten from worst to best, and why I ranked them that way.
  1. Iowa
Iowa had a great season last year, winning the Big 10 tournament and making it to the tournament, but they got upset in the first round of March Madness. They are looking to bounce back this year. Even though losing one of the best players in College last year in Keegan Murray, his brother Kris showed signs that he might follow in his brother’s footsteps and break out this coming season. They also have impact players from last year returning, including Patrick McCaffery and Tony Perkins. They will have a solid season this year.
  1. Ohio State
 Ohio State had a good year last year, making it to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. They did lose a lot of talent, with star E.J Lidell, their best player, leaving for the NBA. Other notable losses include Malaki Branham, a breakout freshman last year as well as Kyle Young, Jamari Wheeler and many more. They have 2 good players returning in Zed Key and Justice Sueing. They will have a really exciting freshman class, which ranked 8th in the nation. They will be a young team but will have a good season.
  1. Michigan
Michigan had a turnaround season last year, making it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. They played great late in the season, and made a good run. One of the biggest moves for them is Center, Hunter Dickinson will be returning. He will be one of the best players in basketball this season, and Michigan fans have a reason to be excited. They did lose 4 really talented players, including 3 double digit scorers from last year and very talented freshmen from last year. They have reloaded with talent though, bringing in a great freshman class and 2 really good transfers. Michigan fans will have something to look forward to this year.
  1. Illinois
Illinois had a good season last year, making it to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. They have a lot of people leaving though. They lost 80% of their scoring last year, which is the most in the Big Ten. They lost Kofi Cokcburn, a 20 point scorer from last year and a contender for Big Ten Player of the Year. They also lost 7 other players, all of them playing a huge role on last year’s team. Notable losses are sharpshooters Alfonso Plummer and Trent Frazier, as well as Andre Curbelo, former Sixth Man of the Year. After all this loss, you would think they would be terrible this coming year. That’s where you’re wrong. Bringing in a top 10 recruiting class, including 5 star Skyy Clark, they will have a lot of young potential. Also bringing in 2 veteran transfers, Matthew Mayer and Terrance Shannon. Other players from last year’s roster, Coleman Hawkins and R.J Melendez, are returning and looking to both have breakout seasons. They will have a talented, reloaded team this season.
  1. Indiana
  Indiana was a decent team last year, making it to the Semifinals of the Big Ten Tournament and squeezing in a spot in the NCAA Tournament. They have a ton of talent returning, including All American Trayce Jackson-Davis. New coach Mike Woodson turned the team around last year and is hoping to make them even better. Other notable returning players include Xavier Johnson and Race Thompson, who were both double digit scorers last year. They have a top 10 freshman class, with young 5 star Jalen Hood-Schifino leading the class. They don’t lose much talent, with only 15% of their scoring leaving, and have the most returning scoring in the Big 10. Also, sophomore Tamar Bates showed flashes of a star last year, and has a lot of potential, as well as many other returning players on the roster. They have a lot of breakout potential and very high expectations this season.

The most eye catching players ever

The NBA has seen a lot of talent and a lot of great players. Some are new, some are old, but they are all great players. There have been a lot of players in the league through the years, but 10 of them stand out the most.
  1. Shaquille O’Neal
Shaq is a giant. He had a great career with 4 NBA championships. He was a dominant force in the paint at 7 feet and 320 pounds. He was very athletic and one of the best big men of all time.
  1. Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan was a winner and is very consistent. He won 4 championships and many MVP awards. He was also a very talented defender. He was really good in the playoffs and led his team to a lot of wins, so that is why he is 9.
  1. Kobe Bryant
Kobe had a lot of success and was famous for his hard work ethic. He also was one of the best and most competitive players the NBA has ever seen. He dealt with a lot of injuries that ruined his career, but he will always be one of the greats.
  1. Larry Bird
Larry Bird is another great player known for being competitive and a great shooter. He won a lot of three point contests. He was never the most athletic player on the court, but he makes up for it in talent and IQ. He won three NBA Championships and was very successful for the Celtics.
  1. Wilt Chamberlain
Wilt Chamberlain was a dominant player back then, most famous for his 100 point game. He was a great scorer and rebounder, averaging double figures in each category. He won 2 championships and had a lot of success
  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabar
Kareem won 6 titles and has the scoring record as of October 2022 with the most points ever. He was very consistent and a great defender. He was athletic and tall and did a lot for his team.
  1. Magic Johnson
With 5 NBA titles, Magic is one of the best winners of all time. He was a very flashy passer and made highlight plays. He was an electrifying player, playing point guard at 6 feet 9 inches. He is one of the best players ever
  1. Bill Russell
With 11 rings, it’s hard to argue if Bill Russell should be in the top 5. One of the best defenders and rebounders ever, he evolved the game of basketball and dominated the league. Offensively, his stats weren’t amazing, but on defense he dominated.
  1. LeBron James
LeBron is one of the most explosive players ever, and the stats he put up at an old age are very impressive. He has multiple titles, MVPs, and has dominated the league for a while. He is one of the most athletic players ever, and there is no doubt that he should be on this list
1.Micheal Jordan
Let’s be honest. There isn’t much explanation needed. Jordan changed the game of basketball like no one else. He is the best ever. There is no debate that he is number 1.