Ending the controversy of the top ten players in the NBA and NFL


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Daniel Castaneda, Writer

Is LeBron the GOAT in the NBA right now? Top 10 NBA best players list coming into next season

The NBA is one of the most watched sports in the world. So there is some controversy over who’s better than who. Some people argue that LeBron is the best, others say Curry’s the best. Today I will be ranking the top 10 NBA players coming into next season.

10. Kawhi Leonard – Kawhi is one of the NBA players in the league right now but since he was injured most of the season last year we don’t know what to expect out of him. But with the addition of John Wall to help out the point guard position the Clippers are now improved and Kawhi helps that out.

9. Jimmy Butler – The Heat are one of the top NBA teams right now and were one play short of making it to the NBA Finals. With Butler being 33 years old he might not be as good as he was but they call him Jimmy Buckets for a reason.

8. Jayson Tatum – The Boston Celtics were two games away from being NBA champions, some say Jayson Tatum was the reason why they lost. But Jayson Tatum is still young and has more to improve. I think since he’s been to the Finals he wants to be there again and he’s going to try to go off this season.

7. Kevin Durant – Durant does deserve to be higher up on this list but since he wanted to get out of the Brooklyn Nets I don’t think he wants to be in their organization. Kevin Durant may be 34 years old but he’s still really good and has Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons to help him out.

6. LeBron James – LeBron is 37 years old going into next season and with Anthony Davis not wanting to play center and with Westbrook with how he performed last season Lebron’s got a lot to prove to carry his team, but he’s done it before. I think he will be great next season but I think there are better players in the NBA going into next season.

5. Joel Embiid – With Embiid being 2nd in MVP voting last season he was close to winning MVP but fell short. I think he will do better than last season because he’s a big man that can do everything.

4. Stephen Curry – With winning Finals MVP for the first time last season he will try to get another one. Some people say he won’t repeat but I think he might surprise some people.

3. Nikola Jokic – Jokic is arguably the best center in all of basketball right now and with him winning MVP last season he will try to get his team to the finals next season. I think he will do better than Joel Embiid because he’s basically a 7 foot point guard that can do everything a point guard does.

2. Luka Doncic – With Luka carrying the Mavs on his back last season his team lost some key players. But Luka is a point guard that can defend, shoot the ball, pass the ball and even rebound. I think he will be great this season and average at least 30 points with a triple double and win MVP next season

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Some argue other NBA players are better than Giannis but he’s won two MVPs and carried his team to win the NBA Finals. I think he will be the best NBA player next season because he excels on both sides of the ball, defensively and offensively.

Justin Jefferson snubbed? The top 10 best NFL players in the league this 2022-23 season

Sunday night is the most exciting part of most NFL fans week. Most teams play on Sunday making the fans look forward to watching them play on Sunday. Some argue that Tom Brady isn’t the GOAT anymore, others say Justin Jefferson isn’t as good as they say he is, well today I will talk about who are the top 10 NFL players in the league right now.

  1. Tom Brady – Brady may be old at the age of 45 years old but I think he’ll succeed this season because last season he was so close to making it to the Super Bowl, he was 2 games away. The Bucs may not be the best team in the league right now but I think Brady won’t come down without a fight.
  2. Aaron Donald – Aaron Donald is the greatest defensive player in our generation right now and I don’t think that will change for another couple years. He was one of the reasons the Rams won the Super Bowl. He came down clutch with a sack bringing down Joe Burrow. Most offensive lineman fear him because of how powerful he is, and how he excels on bringing pressure to the QB.
  3. Davante Adams – Adams left the Packers and joined the Raiders in the offseason, making them looking scary on offense. With Adams and Waller they become a threat offensively. Adams is 29 years old and one of the best in his position in the league right now. He can catch the ball anywhere the QB puts the ball and can leave defenders behind. Not many wide receivers are as talented as Davante Adams.
  4. Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers is 38 right now but still one of the best quarterbacks right now. He can throw the ball really far as far as 70 years. The Packers are currently 3-3 and without a good receiving group they might not be able to make the playoffs. But Rodgers might be able to get it done, he won back to back NFL Mvps being the only one to do it since Peyton Manning.
  5. Jalen Ramsey – Without a surprise Jalen is high on this list. Ramsey can guarantee that your team gets the job done defensively. He can basically play any position he wants, being able to get from one end of the field to the other in no time. He is 6’1 being a tall cornerback, he can also lock down the other teams best wide receiver using man to man or even zone. He is arguably the best defensive back in the league right now. 
  6. TJ Watt – TJ Watt can pressure the quarterback with any blocker blocking him. Last season he won defensive player of the year getting to the QB and sacking him 22.5 times. I think that he will do even better and win another defensive player of the year and help out the Steelers defense succeed. 
  7. Cooper Kupp – Kupp is one of those receivers that can seperate from the defenders and get open no matter what. After winning Super Bowl MVP and helping the Rams win the Super Bowl he will excel at his position this season. He is a tall and fast receiver that can get you a win at all costs. 
  8. Myles Garrett – Without a surprise Myles Garrett is one this list because I think he is the third best pash rushing defender right behind TJ Watt and Aaron Donald. He can pressure the QB off the edge and get you many sacks. I think he will be a top candidate for defensive player of the year because he was close last season with 16 sacks off the edge. 
  9. Josh Allen – Josh Allen is one of the best QB’s carrying his team to be one of the best teams in the league right now. With Stefon Diggs and Gabriel Davis to throw to he can be the best QB this season and carry his team to the Super Bowl. Josh Allen was one game away from going to the Super Bowl but ended up losing to Patrick Mahomes in 2020. He will try to do that this season and win it all.
  10. Patrick Mahomes – Mahomes could be higher on this list but with losing Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins, Mahomes doesn’t have the fastest player in the league anymore. Mahomes is  a one of a kind QB that can escape from pressure and throw it 60 yards while on the run. Mahomes has some pretty good people to throw to with Juju, Hardman and Kelce. I think he will still be a top QB this season.