No Ball Touches the Floor on my Watch!

How to not Suck at Volleyball.

Have you ever played volleyball? Do you want to know how? Take my advice to know how to play volleyball.

First of all, to know how to play, you’re going to have to actually have a volleyball. Then you have to know the basics, you have to know how to pass, set, hit/or spike, and finally you have to know how to serve. When you play volleyball, the most important thing to know is how to pass. If you don’t have a good pass, you can’t get a good set and possibly not a good spike. How to pass is you hold a thumbs up, and with your other hand . Next, you put your platform at a 45∘ angle and when you pass you want to make sure you lift with you legs and not to swing your arms. When you swing with your arms, the ball either goes straight up or behind you. In my opinion I think that the best way to pass is pancake, pancake, sausage, sausage. (which is the form hand on top of the other hand and same with your thumbs).

My favorite thing to do in volleyball is setting because it was the only position I have played for a whole season. But when it comes to setting there are high expectations for you to always get second ball. Take it from me you might not always get to the ball but it just matters if you try your best and hustle. The goal is to try and set the ball so that your outside middle, or right side can hit to the other side of the net. The position of your hand should form a triangle but when you make that triangle don’t actually touch finger to finger. To hit the ball you have to master your approach, right left right is the footwork (or if you’re a left handed person you do the opposite). And finally to serve, you have to hold the ball with your left hand, toss the ball, step with your left, and finally hit with your right hand to serve (if lefty, do the exact opposite). But that is all of the knowledge that I have to offer, and I hope that you learned a lot from this blog.

Volleyball is Better Than Your Favorite Sport, Here’s Why.

So I’m standing behind the end line about to serve, my hand holding the ball as if my hands had created a pond of sweat. In the end, our team won but not from my serve; which is okay, I’m not sad about it. But the thing that I love most about playing volleyball, is I have most of my friends on my friends, and they always bring me up rather than push me down.

I believe that volleyball is the best sport because there is so much action and you have to have teamwork. It was so cool to go to Badger Region with my tem for the end of the season tournament because we ended up tying with our national team for 7th place which was so cool. Also cool because our team was ranked one of the lowest out of all the teams in the league. Our team ended up winning the last point of the game.