Top 5 boxers of all time that will kill and top 5 NBA Players ending this debate

Miki Komarov, Writer

The top 5 basketball players of all time for me are. 

5 I have Larry Bird. He was an all around player, he can shoot defense, he can do everything. At 4 Magic Johnson he was also an all around player  3. I have Kareem. He was just a beast and unstoppable. At 2, I have LeBron James. At the 1, I have the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan the goat he was unstoppable no can stop dose not matter how tall how short how good how bad he break them dunk on them hit game winners like it was nothing.

This is the top 5 best boxers of all time.

At my number 5 spot Muhammad Ali he was unstoppable in his prime and created the shuffle. At the number 4 spot I have Mike Tyson. He was a beast and unstoppable in his prime. At 3 I have Roy Jones Jr., he was a beast he would playing around in the ring and dominate the people that were in the ring.

At 2 I have Tyson Fury. He is slow but is a beast he has good defense power and is 42-0. Finally at 1 I have Floyd “Money” Mayweather. He is the best defensive boxer of all time, and has a 50-0 record.