The Elite NFL Tier Lists

Chase Coe, Writer

The Elite Top 10 NFL Team List

After 5 weeks in the NFL season I want to rank my top 10 teams. This is my opinion and you don’t have to think about what I do. My top 10 is based on 3 things. Defensive production, offensive production, overall performance.

  1. 49ers

With the 49ers being 3-2 this puts them in 1st in their division. While playing fairly bad teams they have played the Seahawks and the Rams. The Seahawks had a very strong offense and the 49ers only allowed 7 points to them. They then played the Rams where they only let up 9. Their defense is a very promising defense. Their offense has been a little  slow but they have picked it up a little in the last couple of weeks.

  1. Chargers

The Chargers are 3-2 putting them in second place behind the Chiefs in their division. The Chargers defense has not been as solid as many people would’ve thought but, their offense has been huge. Without Keenan Allen they have still managed to score 98 points in 4 games.

  1. Giants

The Giants are 4-1 putting them in 3rd place in their division. Their defense has been ok allowing only 93 points in 5 games however, however their offense has been incredible. Even though they have a pretty bad QB, Saquan Barkley is tearing up the NFL. He has 533 rushing yards in 5 games which means he averages over 100 per game. He is in 2nd by only a 60 yd difference.

  1. Cowboys

The Cowboys are 4-1 putting them in 2nd in their division. They started off terribly losing to the Buccaneers and losing their star QB. But the backup QB came in and they are 4-1 since. Their defense has been amazing this year with Micah Parsons being unstoppable.

  1. Dolphins

The Dolphins are 3-2 which puts them in 3rd in their division. The only reason they lost their 2 games is because they lost their QB to a scary injury. Tua led them to a huge comeback victory against the Ravens, and they even beat the Bills in week 3.

  1. Vikings

The Vikings are 4-1 which puts them in 1st in their division. Their defense has been reliable only holding the Packers to 10 but their offense has been stellar.With Dalvin Cook heating up their offense has so much upside. Justin Jefferson currently leads the league in receiving yards with 547 yards.

  1. Ravens

The Ravens are 3-2 making them #1 in their division. Their defense is spotty with some holes. But their offense is incredible. Lamar Jackson was leading the league in touchdowns scored in week 4. He had more touchdowns than 30 teams in the league. He also has the #2 tight end in the whole league Mark Andrews.

  1. Eagles

The Eagles are 5-0 making them #1 in their division and 1st in the NFL. The Eagles defense is stacked with probably the 2nd best d-line and maybe even the best cornerback in Darius Slay. The eagles o-line is also stacked. They have a top 5 QB in Jalen Hurts and a strong receiving core.

  1. Bills

The Bills are 4-1 putting them in 1st in their division. The Bills have an incredible defense with some very strong corners. They also added probably the best pass rush defender in Von Miller. Their offense is absolutely stacked with the best quarterback in the league Josh Allen. Their receiving core is strong however their running game is weak.

  1. Chiefs

I put the Chiefs at #1 strictly because of their offense. Their offensive line is strong and their running backs are even better. Their receiving core is amazing with the #1 tight end Travis Kelce. They also have Juju Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Their defense is spotty but can produce stops.

The Elite NFL Top 5 QBS

The top 5 QBS in the league to rank is very difficult. With many QBS starting the year out hot this list is tough.

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is ranked in my 5 spot because he has had a tough couple of weeks. Lamar Jackson has had tough weeks against the Bills and the Giants. The reason I still have him ranked top 5 is because he has only 1250 passing yards but, he has about 400 rushing yards. He also is in 3rd for touchdowns with 12 but has 6 interceptions.

Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert is my number 4 because he has led his team to a 4-2 record. He doesn’t have his number 1 wide receiver Keenan Allen but still has 1700 yards. 10 touchdowns and only 3 picks.

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts is at my 3 because even though he hasn’t had the best year stat wise he’s winning. He is currently 6-0. He has 1500 yards, 6 touchdowns and 2 picks. He is not an amazing QB stat wise but he is 6-0 so he’s good he wins.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is a very close 2nd to Josh Allen. Mahomes is 4-2 right now with 17 touchdowns. He also has 4 picks with only 1750 yards. His capability to score in the red zone is a game winning trait. Also his ability to make explosive plays is also a very incredible trait.

Josh Allen

Josh Allen is my number 1 QB for many reasons. Starters he has 2000 passing yards, then he has 17 touchdowns tied for 1st, next he only has 4 picks, and last but not least he beat Patrick Mahomes earlier this season. He has a combined 2200 yards and is the number 1 QB.