Why these top 5 teams will probably make the super bowl and why these 5 players will destroy your favorite players!!!


Jackson Raye-Itzkowitz, Writer

Top 5 NFL teams this year 2022-23

The NFL is the National Football League. There are 32 football teams. I will tell you my top 5 teams of the year of 2022-2023 now. At number 5 I have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, because they are good but not the best even though they just won a Super Bowl. At number 4 I have the Kansas City Chiefs, they are good but don’t have Tyreek Hill, who was their best WR, anymore.

At number 3 I have the Pittsburgh Steelers. They had a bad start but are doing better now. At number 2 I have the Philadelphia Eagles.They are 6-0! That is an amazing start for their season. At number 1 I have the Buffalo Bills, they are the best team in the league and will be for the next few years!

Top 5 NFL Players this year 2022

There are many good National Football League players, but 5 that come to mind to me are these players. Number 5 I have Josh Allen. He’s very good at quarterback, but sometimes can play pretty bad. At number 4 I have AJ Brown. He’s a really good receiver and his team is 6-0. He is one of my  favorite receivers this season. At number 3 I have TJ Watt. He is the best defensive player and got defensive player of the year last year with 22.5 sacks, which is tied with Michael Strahan for most sacks in a season.

At number 2 I got Kenny Pickett. In my opinion he is a qb stud for many years to come for a rookie. At number 1 I have George Pickens, he is the best receiver of all time this year.