Cheer 101!!!

Cheer 101!!!

Ashleigh Grosvenor-Miranda, Writer

Things/Materials you need for cheerleading

I’ve been doing cheer for about six years now and I love doing it but in this post, I will be talking about what you would be needing for cheer and some good brands/stores that you could get stuff from. Well, for starters what you would be needing is some cheer shoes. A brand that I love to use for my cheer shoes is Nfinity it might be a little expensive but it is a good brand, you could also find some good cheer shoes on Amazon and also going to the cheer shop at the Woodfield Mall.

Next is shorts, you would be needing some shorts cause sometimes where your practicing it could get a little too warm, But besides that, Is some clothing brands that have good shorts are Lululemon, Under Armor, Nike (for Nike pro), and you could also find some shorts at Target.  Next is tops. Normally for my cheer, we get practice shirts but if your cheer team doesn’t do that you could maybe wear tank tops, crop tops, a normal t-shirt, etc. If you would like to be a little extra you could get a backpack, For instance, you could get a backpack from Nfinity, or even Amazon, you could also go to the cleaners and get your name customized on your backpack!

Different kinds of skills for stunting and tumbling

In this post, we will be discussing about different types of skills for stunting and tumbling. What we are going to start with is stunting there are different types of stunting like main stunts, baskets, and pyramids.

We will be starting with main stunts first, the flyer could be doing different kinds of skills in main stunts First, the flyer would have to start out with a lib which is where the flyer would be up in the Air with one foot. But that doesn’t count as a skill, Skills that are up in the is like a scale, arabesque, bow and arrow, heel stretch, needle, scorpion. Some of these things could be a little difficult if it is your first time doing them up in the air but if you keep practicing it will be easier, you could also do a switch-up.

Now we will be talking about baskets. For baskets, there are a lot of skills that you could do. But first, you would need to start off with a straight ride basket, your bases would have to launch you all the way up in the air and the flyer would have to ride it and then lay back into a cradle. Next is a toe touch if you don’t know it like a straddle but up in the air. Next is a twist basket where you twist in the air. After that is a kick twist where you kick in the air and then twist afterwards.

After baskets it’s pyramid. Pyramid does not have many skills so I will be talking about it less. Pyramid has a ball back, rewind, a TikTok (you switch your legs in the air), and a Baja, that’s all I mostly know right now.

Next is tumbling. In tumbling there are many kinds of tumbling like standing or running. For running, tumbling is roundoff to a back handspring, roundoff back handspring to a tuck, roundoff backhand spring to a full, and that’s most of them I know. And then for standing tumbling is a back handspring, back tuck, and also a jump to a back tuck or back handspring. And that’s mostly all the skills from each category.

Some of my favorites are pyramid and bain stunts cause they are fun to do.