The Tiger Tribune

Raising The Bar

April 29, 2020

Post topic: Draft Recap The bears have set  up a decent team but they need to capitalize on the draft by giving Nick Foles or Mitch Trubisky an actual offense. The Bears had their eyes on Notre Dame TE Cole Kmet for a long time a...

What Went Wrong

Nick Schwenk, writer

April 29, 2020

 What Went Wrong  Season Recap   With the season wrapped up for the year we need to look at the season went for the bears. My grade for how they played would be a solid D, they had the same team as last year where ...

New Year, New Team

Nick Schwenk

April 29, 2020

Blog Post 1  What the bears should be doing in free agency     As the NFL season winds down one of the most crucial parts of the season comes around, the offseason. Seeing as the Bears have no first round picks...

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